Day 1: Nourish

Day 1: Nourish

Welcome to day one. Today you will be preparing a meal or snack for yourself and eating the food you prepare mindfully. I’d like you to turn off all devices; the tv, your laptop, your phone. Remove the stimuli of technology so you may be fully present.

Before you prepare your food and eat:

Take a few deep breaths. Let the breath relax you and let you settle in to the present moment. Notice the feelings of hunger in the body, determine how hungry you are on a scale of 1-10. Notice the sensations in your belly, notice the sensations in your mouth and body at the thought of eating. Consider what type of food you would enjoy eating right now.

Once you have chosen the food, notice and assess it. What does the food look like? Notice the details; texture, color, shape. Smell the food. Consider how nourishing it is to your body and soul. Consider the value of taking time to enjoy nourishing food. If your food requires preparation, take time to enjoy smelling the food as you cook it. Take time to notice the food as your prepare it, the textures, the sounds, the smells. Notice what happens in your body in response to the sight, smells, sounds of the food you’re preparing.

Take the first bite. Notice the textures. Chew slowly and pay attention to the different flavors in the meal. Continue to eat, but do it slowly. Does the food taste good to you? Are you enjoying the food? Pay close attention to the sensations in your mouth, the feelings in your throat, chest and stomach as the food/beverage is swallowed. As you continue to eat, consider where this food came from, how it got to you. Consider how many different humans were involved in getting this food to you, from the person who put the food on the shelf at the grocery store, to the person driving the truck with the food on it, to the farmer who grew the food. Pay attention to the feelings in your stomach, your hunger and fullness cues. Are you still hungry? Or are you beginning to feel full? If you notice you are beginning to feel full, stop eating for a moment, and decide if you are satisfied and finished eating. If you are still feeling hungry, continue to take bites slowly, noticing your body and senses in response to savoring the food. Savor and slowly eat the last bite with as much awareness as you did the first. Once you are finished with the meal or snack, pause. Close your eyes and tune into your body. Notice the differences in your stomach, your mouth from before you ate. Assess your fullness; are you comfortable or overly full? If you are overly full, remember you are not a failure and you are not bad. This is a part of the mindful eating practice, becoming more attuned and aware of your body’s hunger and fullness cues. It takes time and practice, and eating past fullness does not make you a bad person. Take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to enjoy any and all good feelings from mindfully nourishing your body. Take a moment to consider how important it is to eat, and how you are sustained by the food you eat. How it gives you the energy you need to do your daily activities. Take a moment to feel gratitude for all those involved in bringing that food to your body. Take a moment to feel gratitude for yourself, for giving yourself this time, for nourishing your body and caring for yourself.

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